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Delivery Information

We shall aim to fulfil all orders at the earliest opportunity subject to 4.3, using the distribution infrastructure provided by the manufacturer of the branded product chosen.

Northwest Fencing delivery periods as published are given in good faith and are anticipated, based upon manufacturer guidance. Delivery can occur sooner or later than the anticipated timescales.

The delivery period will commence from point of cleared payment, thus (a) next working day upon card-based orders, and (b) clearance of funds upon cheque-based orders.

Delivery periods are provided in working days (i.e.; 20 working days = 4 weeks), to account for the incidence of public holidays and that manufacturers transport typically operate weekdays only.

Deliveries are made weekdays only, typically during the hours of 7.00am to 7.00pm, however, this can vary by manufacturer. Northwest Fencing is not able to offer timed deliveries.

The party delivering on behalf of Northwest Fencing shall be instructed to contact 'The Customer' to advise a delivery date near the term of their order. Notice may vary between 1 and 5 working days.

Product delivery (supply only) shall be to kerbside or driveway only. It is at the discretion of the carrier or delivery driver, should they decide to transit the goods to an alternative point upon the property of 'The Customer'.

As Northwest Fencing is not the manufacturer of the branded products, it cannot be held responsible for the delay in delivery caused by; (a) the manufacturing process, or (b) third party such as a contracted carrier.

Should the delivery period extend beyond (whichever is longer) that published, subsequently notified or 30 days after the date of order (as section 19 of the Distance Selling Regulations) 'The Customer' can cancel their order without penalty.

It is the responsibility of the 'The Customer' to provide free and unobstructed access for product delivery and subsequent usage. Any failed, abortive or return delivery charges shall be recovered from 'The Customer' at cost.

Northwest Fencing products are mainly large and sectional that will not fit through a pedestrian door. As 4.10, it is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to notify any access concerns to Northwest Fencing at the point of order.

In the interests of Health & Safety for Northwest Fencing employees, manufacturers or contractors, on delivery our bulky products shall not be; (a) lifted over walls, fences etc, and (b) transited to other floors other than highway level.

All delivered goods must be signed for (POD) by the 'The Customer' or their appointed representative, at which point responsibility and risk of the goods (not title if unpaid) shall pass to 'The Customer'.

If 'The Customer' cannot be in attendance on delivery, prior written authority and acceptance of responsibility to leave the unattended product must send an email to

Northwest Fencing will not bear any abortive costs arising from 'The Customer' due to a failed delivery, as the delivery process is operated by each manufacturer beyond the control of 'The Company'.

“Expected", "Typical", "Anticipated" and "Estimated" delivery dates stated on Northwest Fencing website and associated literature do not imply guaranteed delivery dates.

It is the duty of 'The Customer' to make themselves available to be contacted prior to delivery. Should Northwest Fencing or its chosen agent is unable to contact 'The Customer' the delivery of the order will be adversely affected.

Northwest Fencing is not liable for delivery delays or failures caused by factors outside of Northwest Fencing control including "Acts of Nature", adverse weather conditions, road accidents, vehicle breakdown or personal illness. See also 4.18 and 4.20

Delivery shall only be made to a registered residential or commercial address. Delivery will not be made to an allotment, car park, waste ground etc.